Centrepoint Alliance Annual Partner Summit 2017


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The 21st Annual Centrepoint Alliance Partner Summit dares you to see things differently

As the flagship event in our professional development calendar, we mean it when we say that if you attend one of our events this year – make it this one. We pack the program full of inspiring speakers, dynamic presentations and interactive workshops.

The Partner Summit is your chance to experience a unique event like none other with your peers. By giving you the opportunity to connect with our large community of financial advisers, accountants, and lenders from across Australia, we are confident your professional and personal growth will be enhanced like never before.

This year we jet off to the stunning South African capital of Cape Town. This enchanting location, where the sea and the sky meet, is the ideal location to come together – much like the cultures in this fine city – to discuss our industry’s innovative future.

The Centrepoint Alliance Annual Partner Summit 2017 – an event where ‘Unity is Strength’.