July Virtual Masterclass | Keeping your finger on the pulse

Knowledge Areas: Generic Knowledge, Financial Planning, Regulatory Compliance, Consumer Protection

The Code of Ethics requires you to have your client’s consent to act and for any fees and benefits you receive. Obtaining your client’s consent seems simple on the face of it.

But once you look closely it is more complex than first thought and it isn’t just getting the client’s signature. Professional Standards will be exploring the client consent requirements and delving into concepts such as free, prior and informed consent, and what it means by fair and reasonable fees.

They will also be providing a regulatory update and review of the timeline for Royal Commission legislative changes.

Presenter: Justin van den Boog, Head of Professional Standards and Nicole Alexander, Head of Licensee Standards, Centrepoint Alliance
FASEA CPD areas: Regulatory Compliance & Consumer Protection
Topic areas: Financial Planning, Generic Knowledge

  • 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm