Learn how to unlock your firm’s full lending potential to create additional revenue


What is this webinar about?

Are you looking to replace revenue at risk or increase the revenue in your practice?

You may have a lending practice OR be thinking of establishing lending within your practice. Centrepoint Alliance Head of Lending, Kevin Frost, has tips and advice on how you may be able to do it better or get it right the first time!

This webinar will :

Give you a quick insight into the direction the Lending industry is heading
Discuss diversification success through specialisation
Offer 6 tips on building successful in-house partnerships that could revolutionise your business
Take a look at what models work and don’t work after 4 years experience in the network
Hear from a practice that successfully integrated additional services into their business.

Please note all webinars are in Australian Eastern Standard Time.

  • 10:00 am - 11:00 am