Planner to Principal – Your guide to business ownership


What is this Webinar about?

Learn the tools needed to start a financial planning firm. With ten years of consolidated knowledge gathered from helping Financial Planners build better businesses, Ryan Goodfellow - National Growth Manager at Centrepoint Alliance - has helped employed planners from large institutions to small boutiques take control of their careers and follow their destiny.

What will Ryan cover?

  • The pros and cons of owning your own financial planning firm,
  • The documents you need to prepare before you resign to ensure you have the best chance of early success and a speedy authorisation with a dealer group,
  • Non-compete clauses; what you need to know and how to keep your nose clean,
  • Should you buy a book from the start or grow organically through COI’s and be true to your Value Proposition?
  • Putting together a business plan and choosing a dealer group; what you need to consider and weigh up,
  • Building an Action Plan – “Where to from here”?

Suitable for: Financial advisers, Para planners and Support staff

*Please note all webinars are in Australian Eastern Standard Time


  • 11:00 am - 12:00 pm