Structuring death benefits in the new SMSF landscape


What is this Webinar about?

Estate Planning in SMSFs has never required greater attention to detail. The impact of the transfer balance cap as well as an increasing amount of litigation around BDBNs has resulted in a greater emphasis on the trust deed for the Fund and the strategies it permits.

In this webinar, Michael Harkin, Topdocs’ National Manager for Training and Advice, will examine a range of considerations and potential issues surrounding the structuring of member death benefits, including:

- Planning for death and dealing with eventual benefit payments
- The impact of Transfer Balance Caps and Total Superannuation Balances on death benefit planning
- Pension and accumulation account structuring to direct benefits to appropriate recipients
- Pension reversion changes and the options available, including amending reversionary nominations during the course of the pension without the requirement to reset
- BDBNs and complex structuring
- Required deed provisions and the risks associated with deficient trust deeds
- Super Proceeds Trusts

Suitable for: Financial Advisers, Para Planners and Support Staff

*Please note, all Webinars are in Australian Eastern Standard Time

  • 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm