Climate Change & Environmental Markets


Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing modern society and we are already experiencing its impact in our daily lives via extreme weather and related events, e.g. the recent Australian bushfires. As a result, clients are increasingly looking to invest their savings in environmentally friendly strategies.

This presentation will explore the challenge of managing climate risk, how business models are going to need to adapt, and the opportunities and challenges (e.g. stranded assets) for companies and investors.
The presentation will further build on knowledge of global environmental markets, how they offer a range of interesting areas for investment, pockets of growth often inaccessible for Australian investors.

Presenters: James Langlands, Head of Wholesale Distribution, BNP Paribas Asset Mangement
FASEA CPD areas:
Client Care & Practice, Technical Competence
Topic areas:
Skills, Managed Investments

  • 11:00 am - 11:45 am