Managing client preferences, biases and behaviours


Resilience Is NOT Cancelled: Managing client preferences, biases and behaviours in a topsy-turvy world

“Where should I go?” – Alice

“That depends on where you want to end up.” – The Cheshire Cat

Even the most rational of investors may feel like they’ve fallen down a rabbit hole, leaving them vulnerable to counterproductive decisions. How can advisors help clients gain a solid footing and stay focused on long-term goals? Findings from our recent research into investor sentiment show where clients may be the most vulnerable. Armed with insights from behavioral economics, we can help clients remain resilient during extreme market stress and economic uncertainty. Communication is key, trust is critical.

Periods of volatility are a good time to meet with clients to review their overall financial situation. This is an opportunity to review whether they are on track and to discuss optimization if needed. Decisions framed within the client’s overall financial plan may help to keep them feeling engaged and more confident. Even as markets continue to roil and milestone events are cancelled, clients can become more resilient, adapting to adversity today and beyond.

The advisory community is in a unique position to help. Periods of extreme market stress can amplify the value of advice, not only through the benefits of holding a well-constructed portfolio but also in providing the structure and guidance to help make difficult choices.

Presenters: Brie Williams, Head of Practice Management, State Street Global Advisors, SPDR Global Business
FASEA CPD areas: Client Care & Practice, General
Topic areas: Skills, Generic Knowledge

  • 11:00 am - 11:45 am