The Upside of Less Downside


What a month for markets with negative returns everywhere we looked. In fact, in just three short months, the outlook for equities has been transformed beyond recognition, and equity investors are still struggling to digest the extreme uncertainty triggered by the historic coronavirus crash.

In a time of extreme uncertainty, it’s good to know that some things can still go to plan. The AB Managed Volatility Equities (MVE) strategy has done just that. Few other strategies are designed for the tough times like MVE. By focusing on downside risk, it aims to lose less than the market when the market falls. It’s proved true to that aim so far this year―and, indeed, over the last 12 months and since inception.

By losing less on the downside, it should have less ground to make up when the market recovers. This, combined with the fact that MVE is designed to capture as much upside as possible during a recovery, means that the strategy may outperform the market over time, giving investors competitive returns as well as a smoother ride.

During this presentation, AllianceBernstein CIO – Australian Equities, Roy Maslen, will discuss the drivers of MVE’s performance, his outlook and the positioning of the portfolio.

Presenters: Roy Maslen, Chief Investment Officer, Australian Equities, Alliance Bernstein
FASEA CPD areas: Technical Competence, Client Care & Practice
Topic areas: Managed Investments, Securities, Financial Planning, Skills

  • 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm