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Professional development

financial advice professional development

Professional development that drives quality.

The new world of financial advice demands new ways of doing things and new skills. You need to be on top of changing regulations, technical changes, client needs and technology.

The pressure to know more and communicate faster is greater than ever before and competition has never be so fierce. So educating clients on the true value of experienced, professional, personal advice has never been more important, either. And that starts with your own education.

Our CPD accredited financial adviser education programs harness the best technical experts in the industry on a range of topics including life insurance, investments, TASA and superannuation. You’ll meet your CPD requirements easily, but that’s not where your professional development ends. Topics like marketing, leadership, business growth and personal development skills empower you with knowledge to run and grow your practice.

Just as valuable as the education are the many opportunities to connect with the Centrepoint community. Conferences, business groups, professional development days, and webinars are all opportunities to connect, share and learn from each other, as well as subject matter experts.