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Investment Solutions

Through scale and expertise, Centrepoint gains access to some of the world’s leading platform administrators and asset managers.

With $3 billion in funds under management, our bespoke investment solutions are tailored to the changing needs of investors and advice firms.

Ventura Managed Account Portfolios (vMAPs) is Centrepoint’s Managed Account solution.

vMAPs allows advisers to provide investors with a diversified investment portfolio via a comprehensive range of professionally managed investment models. 

Ventura Funds offer nine managed fund solutions to provide the complete solution for the core of your investment portfolio.

These include five diversified funds and four sector funds to suit each investor's objectives, investment time frames and level of risk.

Centrepoint’s Platform Solutions are developed through partnered arrangements, which respect and protect the adviser-client relationship.

Partnering with five leading providers, each platform has been enhanced to better support advice firms and their clients.

Centrepoint’s Investment Solutions are developed in partnership with some of the world’s leading investment firms, providing a range of investment solutions to our adviser community.

Each of our solutions leverages the global reach and expertise of companies such as Ibbotson, Dimensional and Russell Investments. All can be tailored to suit specific investor circumstances and goa