David Spiteri

Life Insurance Specialist, Technical Support

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David Spiteri is Centrepoint’s life insurance specialist.  He provides our risk advisers and financial planners with 25 years’ worth of experience and insight in the areas of business development, claims and underwriting.

With ten years under his belt as a Risk Adviser for ANZ Financial Planning, ‘Spitzy’ moved into consulting for Professional Investment Services and BT Financial Group. 

His current role at Centrepoint sees him using this experience to up skill and mentor risk advisers and their practices to effectively write risk insurance and uncover areas of opportunity to better protect their client’s needs.

Spitzy is a regular presenter at our PD days and conferences. Throughout the year, he runs life insurance webinars and events for our adviser community, and provides technical support to practices as they require it.

Spitzy contributes to a number of industry publications including a monthly column for Risk Adviser.

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