Asset Finance

Accreditation Support and Licensee Services

Open the door to new business opportunities with lender accreditation or licensing.

Maybe you’re looking to obtain lender accreditation or an Australian Credit Licence (ACL). Or maybe, you need to transfer your existing accreditation. Either way, you’ve just opened the door to a world of support and business growth in one of Australia’s largest financial services community.

Our lending experts can provide multiple pathways to expand your offering, including:

  • become a credit representative of Centrepoint Alliance Lending
  • transfer your existing accreditation from another aggregator
  • obtain your own ACL. 

Specialising in legislation compliance for licence holders and credit representatives, our team are on hand to provide expert guidance through every stage of the process. We’ll secure lender accreditations, transfer existing accreditations or support you through the ACL application process with minimal disruption to your business.

And when you become part of the Centrepoint community, you’re supported with resources including education and training, technical support and content, and referral and networking programs.

So, you’re free to get on with building your business.