Licensee Solutions

Obtaining an AFSL

licencee solutions ASFL woman on computer

It's a big step and the start of a new chapter in your career.

It’s also a potentially challenging process. We’ve done it many times, so we’re here to assist and tackle any AFSL hurdles you may face.

From working out what type of licence you need, to preparing your application and managing ASIC review and requisitions, we’ll help with every step. This means you can reach your goal of becoming an AFSL holder and obtaining your AFSL as quickly and easily as possible.

Once you’ve got your licence, we’ll continue to provide business support and advice to help you meet your obligations and responsibilities as an AFSL holder – and build a great business. That means personal and professional development, business support, compliance and professional standards and a robust referral support network to boost your business.

Self-licensed doesn’t mean by yourself; it means an AFSL-solutions driven community.