Licensee Solutions

Acquisition and Succession Planning

Start with the end in mind. 

Putting plans in place now for your future means better outcomes down the track – for yourself, your clients, your business, and your colleagues. 

Most of us intend to retire and exit from our business one day but how many of us have an actual plan in place? A plan that will see us:

  • leaving the business on our own terms
  • having greater certainty over retirement timing and cash out
  • ensuring clients and staff are looked after
  • avoiding expensive mistakes
  • seeing your legacy continue.

Centrepoint’s succession planning program spans initial planning and assessment of options, through to negotiation and completion.

Our program can help you with:

  • a merger with, or acquisition by, another practice
  • a planned gradual succession to a current employee
  • identifying the successor(s) that can continue your business and its legacy
  • selling the whole or part of the business
  • selling the client book.

So, whether you need a DIY solution or an external industry expert, we’ll ensure you receive the experience and guidance to achieve full value and a smooth transition.