Video Conferencing Technology

Meet, collaborate, engage and protect

Quality video conferencing technology allows financial advisers to replicate the traditional level of personal engagement offered to clients in a meeting room environment, while still delivering information in an efficient and secure manner.

SuiteBox is Centrepoint’s partnered video conferencing platform solution - it creates a digital workspace by using technology to replicate a traditional meeting room environment.

SuiteBox allows you to meet with up to three people in a client group via video link to share screens, work on the same documents, and share control with clients when required. Unlike other video conferencing tools, SuiteBox allows you to complete and sign required forms and paperwork.

You can utilise SuiteBox to:

Meet more clients, more often:
• Save on travel expenses.
• Save time meeting with rural clients.
• Allows advisers to reach time-poor clients effectively.

• Engage with clients anytime, anywhere.
• Correspond with tech-savvy clients.
• Easily used with multiple users.

• Book a higher number of appointments.
• Share information in real-time.

• Store meeting information for future discussion.
• Retrieve recordings and signatures anytime from your secure account.

SuiteBox facilitates personal engagement and relationship development for businesses that require high levels of client interaction with maximum efficiency, minimised business risk, and an enhanced level of customer satisfaction.

If you’d like to discuss how Suitebox can benefit your financial planning firm, contact one of our Business Consultants for more information.

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