Adviser Update with CEO, Angus Benbow

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Creating a new world of financial advice.

Centrepoint Alliance is Australia's leading community of financial advisers. We help build future prosperity for hundreds of thousands of Australians.  

It’s a complex area. People face more options, greater choice and higher risk than ever before. They need not just advice, they need trusted quality advice that puts their interests first, not those of a large organisation. So that advice - whether it’s buying a house, paying for insurance or planning for retirement - needs to come from professional advisers.

Our purpose is developing and supporting financial advisers. We do this by providing world class technology, services, education, on the ground training, and integrated compliance monitoring to help our advisers build strong prosperous businesses focused on meeting clients' needs.

In doing this, we build a community of like-minded professionals who benefit not just from the services and resources we provide, but from each other and the network we create. Our four divisions: Licensee Solutions, Financial Advice, Lending Solutions and Investment Solutions are integrated. This enables us all to see beyond the reach of our individual businesses and practices to share skills and knowledge and take a wider view of a complex and ever-changing market.

This community and the standards we set within it put us in a position of industry leadership.

We are creating a new breed of advisers, and setting a new standard of quality and advice Australians can trust.

We are creating a new world of financial advice.


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