Investment Solutions

Managed Accounts 

At Centrepoint Alliance we ensure that our advisers and their clients have access to a broad range of high-quality managed accounts to meet specific client needs.

Managed accounts are a non-unitised managed investment and have a range of benefits over traditional bespoke diversified portfolios:

Our advisers and their clients have access to a range of managed account solutions including:

Research Models

Our investment Research Team construct a range of diversified model portfolios using underlying assets from leading local and global investment managers. These model portfolios provide advisers with the flexibility to implement and rebalance portfolios using the model functionality on leading platforms.

External SMAs

To ensure that advisers have a broad range of managed accounts, there are over 100 managed portfolios comprising diversified and single sector. 80 of these are manufactured by external investment managers. Our range of managed portfolios are constantly reviewed to ensure you have access to a current range of options in the investment universe.


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