Technology Solutions

Enzumo Xpress

The team at Enzumo is the largest and most experienced independent Xplan consulting group in Australia, providing Xplan customisation and support to advisers for over 15 years.

Enzumo Xpress is a customised version of Xplan integrating years of Enzumo’s technical expertise and development into one solution. As the site is fully hosted and maintained you don’t need to worry about the administration side – we manage, maintain and develop the site for you. The wizards and templates included are widely recognised as best of breed.

The Enzumo Xpress site is built around a core package with a choice of additional features. This allows you to select what functionality and templates you want and not pay for things you won’t use.

The site comes preloaded with advice templates, strategy flyers and practice tools. These are updated for you as legislation and technical content changes.